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Dating Advice for Christian Men by Anne

November 28, 2009

¬†Perhaps for every Christian man who lacks in the faculty of dating he might decide to go to a female for advice, since they are the ones who know how to be treated. The brother who is closer to a sister, or has a blood sister or a cousin they are close to might just […]

The Single Years

November 24, 2009

I hope that you enjoyed the video the way that I enjoyed it.I can sympathize with this guy.I am a single Christian Male 42 years old.Can anybody here symtathize with him the way that I do?

The Real Proverbs 31 Woman by Jason

November 17, 2009

Some girls in the church may believe being a proverbs 31 woman is simply not for them. They might believe the proverbs 31 virtuous woman is a story. After all how many girls could live up to those standards? It might look impossible for a Christian wife to meet those standards but I guarantee you […]

A Great Christian Comedian

September 5, 2009

Talking what is like to be a single Christian.It is very funny.