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The Early Church Father Tertullian(160-220 A.D.)on the Millenial Reign of Christ

April 1, 2010

The Ealry Church Father Tertullian(160 A.D. to 220 A.D.) on the Thousand Year Reign of Christ.He took a Pre-Millennial view on the Second Coming of Christ. Chapter XXV.—Christ’s Millennial and Heavenly Glory in Company with His Saints. Yes, certainly,  you say, I do hope from Him that which amounts in itself to a proof of […]

The Early Apostolic Church Father St.Clement of Rome (100 A.D.) on the Second Coming of Christ and the Resurrection

February 27, 2010

The Early Church father St.Clement of Rome, who was a disciple of the Apostle Paul ,truly believed in the resurrection of the Christians at the end of time. Chapter XXIII.—Be humble, and believe that Christ will come again. The all-merciful and beneficent Father has bowels [of compassion] towards those that fear Him, and kindly and […]

St Augustine on Paul’s Man of Sin in the Book of Thessolonians

February 8, 2010

Chapter 19.—What the Apostle Paul Wrote to the Thessalonians About the Manifestation of Antichrist Which Shall Precede the Day of the Lord. I see that I must omit many of the statements of the gospels and epistles about this last judgment, that this volume may not become unduly long; but I can on no account […]