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Married to a Non-Believer… Show Them God’s Love and Expect a Miracle by Joseph Livingston

May 24, 2010

When most people fall in love, they are so happy because they finally found the right person. The kind of person you fall in love with, may not be perfect, but you are still in love with them. It’s hard to look at the some ones bad side when there is so much on the […]

Sex before Marriage

February 17, 2010

Here is a video on why you should wait to have sex after you are married.Here is a couple who waited to have sex after they got married.

Christian Singles and Abortion by David Butler

January 18, 2010

Are a Christian single who lives witht he guilt of having had an abortion? As a Christian single, have you, or would you ever consider an abortion? Do you even have a well thought out Christian view on abortion? Having own biblical view on abortion, dating and pre-marital sex can help save you from making […]

Dating Advice for Christian Men by Anne

November 28, 2009

¬†Perhaps for every Christian man who lacks in the faculty of dating he might decide to go to a female for advice, since they are the ones who know how to be treated. The brother who is closer to a sister, or has a blood sister or a cousin they are close to might just […]

The Single Years

November 24, 2009

I hope that you enjoyed the video the way that I enjoyed it.I can sympathize with this guy.I am a single Christian Male 42 years old.Can anybody here symtathize with him the way that I do?

How To Protect Your Online Christian Dating Privacy From Strangers by Anne

November 22, 2009

There are different things you should do to make sure your privacy is not compromised as you meet other online Christian dating persons. Your e-mail should be your first concern. You don’t want people having your real e-mail address which might also have your real name and other important facts. You can make sure you […]

Christian Community – Reasons to Join a Christian Community by Gen Wright

October 1, 2009

Dating is hard in any world because there are so many hurdles you have to go through to find the person you are meant to be with. For Christians, dating can be even harder because it can be difficult to find people who share the same religious beliefs as you do. People nowadays just do […]

Dating Tips For Single Women by Lisa Musser

July 6, 2009

Any woman can learn to attract a guy.Attracting men is like flipping on a light switch once you know the way to do it.I’ve outlined some dating tips for the single woman, to help you feel more confident and have more dating success.There are better places to meet men instead of bars and clubs. Join […]