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Should I Witness To People Of Other Beliefs? by Annagail Lynes

Should Believers in Jesus Christ explain to atheists some truths of the Bible that the atheists seem to overlook? Or should Believers let it go?

God loves atheists as much as He loves you and me.

When we are truly doing God’s will, we need to be concerned about the salvation of everyone. Not just the people with whom we are comfortable.

God sent His Son to die for us all (John 3:16). Atheists. Jews. Muslims. Gentiles. It doesn’t matter who we are, God died for us.

If God didn’t discriminate when He sent His Son to die, we can’t either. We must give everyone the opportunity to hear about Christ.

When we approach people who are not receptive to Jesus, we should avoid arguing with them or hitting them over the head with our point of view.

Instead we must show them how we believe by the way we live our lives (Matthew 5:13-14).

Most people believe Christians are supposed to be perfect, which we aren’t. People are convinced that Christians are hypocrites because of this belief. We aren’t hypocrites. We are just human.

However, we should always strive to model God in everything we do. From the way we react in situations to the way we pray before meals. We need to reflect our values in every area of our lives.

Watch for opportunities to speak about God. When people are in crisis, we can tell them we are praying for them.

Our witness must start with our actions and not our words. As the old adage says, “Actions are louder than words.”

When we receive bad news, and we still praise and trust God, others see that and respond. They will want what we have.

If we, as Christians, give them a taste of what everyone else does–throwing things, cursing, crying and getting upset–they won’t see anything new. Just another Christian who talks the talk without walking the walk.

We have a bad reputation as Christians on the whole because there have been those who believe they are superior to non-Believers.

They spout Christianity and the Bible when it is convenient for them to attack, or in their mind, correct, someone else.

They never apply the Bible to their own lives, though. They still live with their significant others without marrying them. They lie, cheat on their spouses and curse. Then they wonder why no one wants their brand of Christianity.

We are not selling religion, rules and regulations. We are offering a relationship with the Creator of the Universe, the True and Living God.

Can we have a relationship with Allah? No. Mohammed? No. Buddha? No. We can only have a relationship with the One True God.

The people of this world know there is something missing in their lives. They know they have a void that they have tried to fill with human relationships, one-night stands, drugs and alcohol. Deep down they know Someone created them for a greater purpose (Jeremiah 29:11), but they got off-track.

The world has swayed them, and it is our job to show them what having a relationship with God is really like. We need to show them what is missing in their lives.

Before we accepted Christ, let’s say a self-righteous person harped on us about their religion and their church. When she told us about Jesus, would we have accepted Him? No.

If someone, however, showed us Christ by being kind and helpful, would we have listened? Yes because we saw how God had transformed her life.

Take every opportunity to teach people about God. Whether it be in our writing, our art, our actions, our demeanor. We should let God’s light shine through us.

We must take the time to pray for the people we are seeking to witness to. When we pray for salvation for others, we are sowing seeds in their lives.

As soon as someone prays for a person, they give God permission to work on his behalf. Then God will orchestrate it so he will come across people who will teach him about Christ.

Maybe we are only supposed to pray for her. Someone else could be the person needed to witness to her. Perhaps she will be more receptive to someone other than us. It doesn’t matter how she accepts Christ, whether it is through us or not, only that she does.

Now if people ask us questions about God, we should answer them according to the Word while limiting our commentary to what is Biblically sound.

We never see Jesus condemning anyone in the Bible for their sins. Not the woman caught in adultery (John 8:4-11). Not Mary Magdalene who had seven demons (Luke 8:2). He instead showed them grace, compassion and mercy, and if we want to reach people as Jesus did, we have to do the same thing.

By showing grace, love, compassion and mercy toward people, Jesus put them in a more receptive state to hear what He had to say.

Pray first. Then take every opportunity to witness. Address their questions. Then lead them to Christ when they are ready.

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