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How Brightly Beams the Morning Star

How brightly beams the Morning Star!
What sudden radiance from afar
Doth glad us with its shining,
Brightness of God that breaks our night1
And fills the darken’d souls with light
Who long for truth were pining!
Thy Word, Jesu, only feeds us,
Rightly leads us,
Life bestowing;
Praise, oh praise such love o’erflowing.

Thou here my Comfort, there my Crown,
Thou King of Heaven, who camest down
To dwell as man beside me;
My heart doth praise Thee o’er and o’er,
If Thou art mine I ask no more,
Be wealth or fame denied me;
Thee I seek now; None who proves Thee,
None who loves Thee
Finds Thee fail him;
Lord of life, Thy powers avail him!

Through Thee alone can I be blest,
Then deep be on my heart imprest
The love that Thou hast borne me;
So make it ready to fulfil
With burning zeal Thy holy will,
Though men may vex or scorn me;
Saviour, let me Never lose Thee,
For I choose Thee,
Thirst to know Thee;
All I am and have I owe Thee!

O God, our Father far above,
Thee too I Praise, for all the love
Thou in Thy Son dost give me!
In Him am I made one with Thee,
My Brother and my Friend is He;
Shall aught affright or grieve me?
He is Greatest, Best, and Highest,
Ever nighest
To the weakest;
Fear no foes, if Him thou seekest!

O praise to Him who come to save,
Who conquer’d death and burst the grave;
Each day new praise resoundeth
To Him the Lamb who once was slain,
The Friend whom none shall trust in vain,
Whose grace for aye aboundeth;
Sing, ye Heavens, Tell the story
Of His glory,
Till His praises
Flood with light Earth’s darkest places.

Christian Poetry by Johann Adolf Schlegel
Translation by Catherine Winkworth
Public Domain


2 Responses to “How Brightly Beams the Morning Star”

  1. Thanks for sharing such a powerful poem . . . when you focus on all the promises in those words – it is truly amazing . . . this stood out to me.

    Though men may vex or scorn me;
    Saviour, let me Never lose Thee,
    For I choose Thee,
    Thirst to know Thee;
    All I am and have I owe Thee!

    God puts a passion (a vision) in our heart – and the enemy wants to destroy it – devalue it and if we give into his lies we will. We will always face opposition from others and especially to activities God calls us to – but may we never let that opposition deminish our passion – for then the enemy has won.


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