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Communicating with God – Try Listening by Robert Pedersen

How does one communicate with God? Is it even possible?

The first thing you must do is this: You must decide for yourself if God exists. Once God’s existence is established in your own mind then you can determine whether or not communication is possible.

To discuss aspects of God is outside the scope of this article so we won’t get into that.

There are many people that believe in some type of God and perhaps almost as many that believe their particular God is someone they can communicate with.

Within the Christian framework that is predominant here in America, God is typically viewed as one who is reachable only by the faithful. The faithful are those who abide by the rules of the religious group they associate with.

The usual feeling is that as long as you “keep the faith” you are in good standing with God and the church – and God hears your prayers and answers them.

Which brings us to the typical Christian concept of communication with God – prayer.

In prayer one usually becomes quiet and petitions the Almighty for whatever needs they have. Gratitude is often expressed for the many blessings received and assistance may be requested for whatever tasks lie ahead.

Then some sort of closure is performed – in the name of Jesus perhaps – and the prayer is finished.

So the question is: Is this really communication with God?

I learned something a few years ago.

It is this: The larger part of communication is listening.

Listening is the aspect of true communication that is most often left out of communication with God – and there’s a reason for this – it isn’t easy!

I have found that true listening requires stillness in three areas.

1. Stillness of conversation: This is where you cease speaking, asking, expressing, etc. You cannot hear while you are speaking.

2. Stillness of mind: This is where you silence your own thinking and expectations.

3. Stillness of spirit: When you become still in your own spirit you are free of fears, doubts and anxiety – able to sense connection with God and true communication may follow.

In this practice you will find that your expectations about God will usually determine what you get out of your efforts to reach God.

When you become truly still you can let go of your expectations and ideas and allow God to speak.

Easy? No. Worthwhile? ABSOLUTELY!

I believe communication with God IS the path to true peace!

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