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5 Christian Social Networking Sites

  1. Xianz.Com:34,358 Active members,Videos,forums,chat fun and games and groups.Xianz.Com
  2. Faithlight.Com: Free to join.Build a profile.Features include:videos,music,chat,prayer requests and groups and etc. Faithlight.Com
  3. Tangle.Com: A great online Christian community with great videos,groups,music,people,prayers,bible and etc. Tangle.Com
  4. 101 Christian Spaces.Com:An alternative to Myspace.There are 7327 member in their social networking site.Features include:groups,articles,music,friends and more. 101 Christian Spaces.Com
  5. Holy Pal.Com:Features include:My pages,entertainment,forums,videos,photos and more. Holy Pal.Com

4 Responses to “5 Christian Social Networking Sites”

  1. I have found a great place to share Christian Videos and socialize.

  2. Thanks Michael.I will have to join them too.I have seen some great videos on there.

  3. You are welcome Mike!!

  4. My Dear Chaiman

    I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.
    After to visit your web site and to see all your service and to see a blessings
    I feeling in me to invit you here to us in Congo DR to visit our projects of children orphans ,their school and for women . We would like too to visit our Bible school and if possible to teach some lessons . We live in south kivu
    province , Bukavu town . If God can lead you too to give the seminar for church leaders in our area,

    We invit your ministries to experment your power too in our country .
    we will be so happy to hear you and to benefit your anointing.
    if our goal can meet your attention ,please we wait to hear from you

    yours pastor senior of Changer church in Congo.
    Masilya Dieudonné

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