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Christian Singles and Abortion by David Butler

Are a Christian single who lives witht he guilt of having had an abortion? As a Christian single, have you, or would you ever consider an abortion? Do you even have a well thought out Christian view on abortion? Having own biblical view on abortion, dating and pre-marital sex can help save you from making some very bad and painful decisions in your dating life, as the following email we received from a sister in the Lord shows.The following is a personal story of a Christian single girl who ended up getting an abortion. Instead of judging her, I ask that you pray for her, and write her with your encouragement and advice. I am not compromising her identity, but only sharing an email address because she is seeking help form other single Christians:

“I dated this guy for almost two years. Everything was almost perfect throughout. We even prayed and went to church together. However we knew we were still struggling with premarital sex and tried to abstain from this. Well, it wasn’t to long before I became pregnant this spring and did the unthinkable as a Christian women.

I am still struggling trying to forgive myself and was hoping that the guy would comfort me through my personal struggle. He only neglected me and started cheating on me (of which he was doing the entire time in our relationship without me knowing). I felt betrayed and angry. I tried to be the best woman I could be throughout our relationship but he still hurt me and cheated on me behind my back.

He eventually told me he didn’t love me anymore and broke up with me in April. I thought real true love sticks by you whether you are right or wrong. I know that I was wrong in having an abortion and I pray every day that God forgives me. But how can someone that told me they would marry me and would stick by me always, leave me in the worst state of my entire life? How can God let me still be in love with him when I continue to “pray without ceasing” that He destroy my feelings for this guy?

The guy is is out dating someone else and is happy not thinking about what I am going through, BUT I am trying to stay single to work on my relationship with God and to practice abstinence to prevent history from repeating itself. Why do I have to still hurt especially when I am trying to be a doer of the work instead of a hearer? I am so depressed right now that I can’t even think. My Christian brothers and sisters, someone, please explain this!

About the Author

David butler is a minister to singles at and has a website Christian Singles Blog geared toward the needs of Christian singles.

3 Responses to “Christian Singles and Abortion by David Butler”

  1. just my personal opinion, abortion is really a sin, it must be used only when the life of the mother and child will be jeopardized, when the child is there because of incest or rape…

  2. I don’t believe in abortion period.I think if the life of the mother is in danger I think that they should do everything that they can do to save the life of the baby.I don’t believe that abortion should be a form of birth control.There a many women’s groups out there that believe that a woman should have an abortion no matter what.

  3. Hi, Telling your story to us was a very brave thing you have just done. I am married, oh but how I can relate to you. See, I had an abortion many years ago too. There is something called Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS), and it’s very real…feelings of guilt, sorrow, depression, etc. Life will go on, despite the bad feelings.

    I used to be a counselor at our local Crisis Pregnancy Center. Get in touch with a local center-they will help you sort out your stuff. I have a friend who is very much involved with abortion, and the devastating effects of PAS. Please go to her site… it is called “His Love Covers our Sins” at

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