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Joyful tidings of a Saviour

1. Joyful tidings of a Saviour
Came this day
To the world, as in darkness and sin it lay;
Angel voices sang soft and clear
Through the midnight air.
The bells send forth their peaceful strain,
And tell that joyful news again,
Far over the snow.

Sweetly sing, then with the Angels,
Soft and clear;
Let your voices be borne on the chill night air;
Carol softly, carol sweetly,
Peace proclaim
Through the birth of a Saviour in Bethlehem.

2. Holy tributes to the manger
Let us bring,
Let us welcome the Saviour, our Lord and King;
While the earth with pure snow is clad
Let pure hearts be glad.
And bells ring out their joyful peal,
And Angel voices gently steal
Far through the still night. Refrain

3. Humbly sheltered in a stable
Jesus lay;
May He likewise be found in our hearts this day:
holy Saviour, do Thou be near,
Bring Thou holy cheer;
And we will sing in glad accord
With joyful bells and Angels’ word
Both now and for aye. Refrain


One Response to “Joyful tidings of a Saviour”

  1. Thank you for the links…I like your site. Keep up the good work.

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