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Sharing Online Bible Studies by Aleena Denison

Have you thought about how much information we share with people every day? Check this out:* Generic news– “Did you see the ad for…?” “I just heard on the news about…,”
* Good books– “I read this amazing book that you’ve got to read!”
* Viewpoints– “In my opinion, I think…,” “What about….?” “What if….?”
* Favorite movies– “If you haven’t seen…..” “You should definitely watch….”
* Websites– “You should go to this website…” “I know a site that will help with…”
* The common cold– “ACHOO!”

We share this sort of information either because it interests us, or because we know that it will interest someone else (except for the common cold, which no-one wants shared). Sharing important information, such as what we’re learning in our personal Bible studies, and what we think will benefit a fellow believer, ought to be even more popular among Christians than anything else we could share. Here are some ideas of online Bible studies that I’m passing along to you so you can pass them along to others.

* For unbelievers a great study to recommend would be the chronological Bible study. For many, the facts of God, the Bible, and Jesus’ life and death are foreign, and even if they’ve heard some things, it would have significant impact if they heard the whole story. God’s holy character must be understood in order to grasp the impact of His creation turning away from Him and causing a separation, and His constant promise and then provision of One who would take care of that separation for eternity. Since some unbelievers might be concerned that you were just trying to convert them, there are online chronological Bible studies that remain objective, allowing simply the truths of God’s Word to speak, and letting the Holy Spirit bring conviction. Let them know up front that you just want them to know what the Bible is about so they can make their own decisions.

* There are so many online Bible studies for believers to study and then pass along, and the topics range from teaching new believers in Christ, to faithful, older believers. For the new and young Christian it would be good to pass along studies that will help them with the issues of Christian growth and discipleship. Since it has become so “popular” to be a Christian in some places today, people want to have the security of eternal life after death, but they don’t see the importance of a changed life while they live on earth. It is essential that they study the Bible and understand that a life for God is what shows there has been a true change. Evangelism and missions topics are also important studies to be passed along. Since believers have the only hope of life with God in a world of sin and death, we must learn how to share the remedy of Jesus Christ and His work on the cross.

These are only a few ideas from me to you, and hopefully from you to someone else. Will you point them out to those within your realm of influence?

About the Author

Aleena Denison has a heart for seeing the message of the Bible presented in a clear way,and is dedicated to sharing Jesus with the lost and helping believers see their responsibilities in evangelism, discipleship, and Bible study. For more information and free downloads, see


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