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Prayer! — To Open the Heart to Life and Love! by Mack Ethridge

Shortly before the author commenced writing, and well before he had any idea that he would, he penned a brief prayer. He asked, among other things, that the Creator’s purpose for his life ‘will have been fulfilled’ by the close of his earthly sojourn. He asked, too, that the ‘joyful streams of living water,’ promised to those who earnestly seek Him, might be made ‘to flow out from within’ him — ‘to refresh, bless, and inspire mankind.’ Little did the author know that within a remarkably brief period of time, his prayer request would begin to be granted.His writings, apparently, were to become that designated ‘channel’ ordained by God through which ‘Living Water’ is intended to abundantly and vigorously flow!

This prayer, actually, has been in the author’s heart for a lifetime. But, he now adds one further request: That his writings may admirably serve the purpose for which they have been brought into existence, to bless the reader as much, and even moreso, than they have blessed him!

The Christ Follower Prayer

Oh! I pray to become more worthy of Thy Astonishing Love! My Blessed Lord and Redeemer — this day!

And that I may gladly give my Life to You, In eager and prayerful service, Without reservation — this day!

And that You might cause Joyful Streams of Living Water to flow out from within me — to refresh, bless, and inspire Mankind, as did Jesus — this day!

And that You may grant unto me The True Riches of Life — Genuine Faith, Bright-Shining Hope, and Christ-Like Love and Consecration to Thy Will — this day!

And that by the close of my earthly sojourn, Your purpose for my life will have been fulfilled, That I become One with thy Presence, to do Thy bidding, now perfectly surrendered, Forevermore!

About the Author

Mack has served as Writer/Editor for the Federal Government, Project Secretary for the National Academy of Sciences, and Administrative Assistant for a major public corporation. Mack has also served as class-facilitator and lecturer for psycho-spiritual issues in study group setting. He is a life-long Christian.


One Response to “Prayer! — To Open the Heart to Life and Love! by Mack Ethridge”

  1. I was so pleased to see The Christ-Follower Prayer published at this site for wider exposure! I feel it carries much power, perhaps even moreso that the popularly known prayer entitled The Prayer of Jabez. The former goes right to the heart of the Christian journey and life purpose, and brings one into greater alignment with the Purposes and Wishes of our Lord Jesus Christ! May it be a tremendous blessing to all who read, ponder, and meditate upon it! In God’s Love!

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