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Why Do Christians Fights? by Steve Stillman


Jesus told us in the Scriptures that He did not come into the world to abolish the law; but He came to fulfill the law. His words tell us that the law (ten commandments) are still valid but He fulfilled the old law with 2 new commandments … “Thou shall love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbor as thyself”. In other words, if we truly love God and our neighbor as we do ourselves, then we will be living in accordance with the 10 commandments. The fulfillment of the law tells us that it is no longer just about us as individuals and our own salvation, but it is about making Christ known by showing the world the same love that Christ showed us. Christianity is no longer about following rules and regulations; It is about living out our faith; It is about loving and helping our neighbor; It is about welcoming all; It is about Love! So why do Christians fight?Fighting and quarreling among Christians is nothing new. Fighting and quarreling dates from the early church in New Testament times. The study of church history is the study of conflict and fighting. The truth is, Christians claim to follow the Prince of Peace, while yet very pugnacious when it comes to matters of faith. For over 2,000 years Christians have argued and fought over the nature of God, who may minister, the role of women in the church, and many other things. In local congregations Christians fight over issues such as how to use the tithing funds, where to place the Christmas tree, what color the carpet should be, doctrines, etc. Good Christians become impassioned over issues in such a way they engage in verbal combat with one another. On denominational levels impassioned leaders also engage in verbal combat over issues.

There can be a lot of discussion asking the question, Why Christians Fight?. I will give 4 theories to the question:

1. Every Christian, without exception, retains his sinful nature. This nature is totally unbelieving, loveless, and selfish. This nature comes out when Christians become impassioned and thus cause Christians to express themselves in such a non-Christian way. Christians in this type of situation become their own worst enemy.

2. The strife between the new God-given nature (becoming a new creation through Christ’s atonement) and our human sinful nature is bound to show itself in our own lives and in our relation with others. We grow weary and edgy. Our emotions reinforce our ability to behave badly and become impatient with
others. Our impassioned desires are the problem and put us at odds with each other. Why do we do these things? Because of the selfish and prideful desires of our own hearts, reflections of sin, and spiritual immaturity.

3. Christians come from a large variety of experiences and backgrounds. With these come a variety of assumptions, strong feelings, biases, prejudices, and biases that reflect more of what our background has given us than what the Bible has taught us. Foolishness along with sin and selfishness wins too often.

4. Christians fight when they believe, each and all, need to see and experience God in the same way. The truth is, we do not walk the same paths in life and therefore none of us have had the same experiences of God. Some have found God in an ecstatic moment, others in silent meditation, and others while
following a spiritual discipline.

What are the results of Christians fighting?

1. I Corinthians 13:1-3 “If I speak in the tongues of mortals and of angels, but do not have love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have faith, so as to remove mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. If I gave away all my possessions, and if I hand over my body so that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing. ” In other words, what ever we speak without love, it is just noise. What ever we understand and no matter how strong our faith is, if our knowledge and faith are not combined with love, our understanding and faith will not gain us a thing.

2. As Christians we become a false witness. To non-believers this is a discouraging thing to observe. Many ask themselves, what is the difference between them and me if they can’t love each other. Ironically the only time the media takes notice of Christians is when thay are at each other in a heated

3. As Christians continually fight they lose the strong binding ties of love that is so desperately needed for the church to survive. When the church becomes spiritual weakened by fighting and quarreling the church loses and Satan wins. Christians are supposed to be fighters, but they are to fight together to win the war against Satan. This is the most tragic result. Satan knows when the church is weakened and plans his attacks accordingly.

What does God expect?

1. God expects the church to be a model for the rest of the world. Christians are to witness to the behavior God intends for all creation. Christians are called to show the rest of the world we can disagree without fighting and conflict.

2. God expects us to be patient with each other, and with ourselves. Kindness, civility, and love should be the characteristics of our discourse.

3. God expects us to be equipped to help those in need. God has called us not to be comfortable, but to be helpful.

4. God expects us to feast on the Truth of His word, and speak this truth in love to one and all.

5. God expects us to be peacemakers and comforters.

6. Most importantly God expects us to love Him first, and love each other.

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One Response to “Why Do Christians Fights? by Steve Stillman”

  1. I deeply agree with the writer.
    Once I told a (non-ordain pastor and its followers) that we all do wrong, they got mad at me it seemed,because they started “back firing”.They said “no,we are not wrong” meaning that “I was wrong”.I explained them that we don’t do what God says”Love others”.
    They told me that because we live on the “Grace ,we are forgiven”.Well,I we are under “grace”, and because of “grace we are sanctified”, but that does not mean, that you are there to cheat you wife, or the government, or say that some one is your friend , and don’t even invite your friend to “Christian meetings that you as “pastor” have and learn about God”, because simply he is not the type of people you like.Or that you invite people to your house when is convenient for you, (when it comes to disbursement money or gifts). And many other thing that we as Christians do wrong! Well, I left but I fell that the relation was broken by the time I left.,Later I ask them for forgiveness and they never returned my emails.Instead while I post a message about finance and what is to come on the future I receive a”reflexion”, that God will make the “Purification”, meaning that I was not pure (at least not yet).I deeply believe that God’s has everything under control, but that we have to do what is right, or at least try,since no one is perfect.I deeply believe that “God”, as his children gets happy when we do thing the right way, or at least try!,and that Jesus will bring perfection to our lives, not because of us but because of “grace”.I felt horrible and still am feeling horrible.Is not hard enough, to be undesirable to non-believers but we are undesirable to ourselves.
    I am so sad that we all fight with no cause, the members of the church are “killing there own members”(by gossiping,lying ,judging, condemning, and all that) to there one brothers and sisters!
    Many of us might have a position on the churches as Pastors, Teachers, Prophets,Servants ,singers) and many of us after many years might never get to have the “fruits of the Spirit”.If that would be the case there good not be fight betweens”!
    The Bible say” “Read the Word and act the word”!
    Sadly many of us are killed because “we don’t read the word, and we don’t act the word”
    The Bible is clear ,if you “if you confess your sin and you repent of your sin and change ,you will receive mercy!
    The Bible is clear,” do not judge”, you will receive what you get.
    Is not true t hat “Jesus Himself, said” Love your brother”!
    WE,many of us thing the other parts is the”wrong parts” because we go to the church and have a position, but the Bible is clear, “Not all the people that calls me Master, will go to Heaven!” and said “I don’t know you evil doers.
    What difference does it make as believers if we act as non-believers! (But the “Grace of God”).
    What difference does it make if we ,preach the “word but don’t act the word” WE,ALL ARE SINNERS!,YES AND BELIEVERS!,YES,.but what makes the difference is TO ACT THE WORD! AT LEAST TRY TO DO GOOD AND NOT EVIL,!
    No wonder non-believers don’t even want to get close to the church as they used too! Why should they go to a church where there is not peace, a church where there is no “GOD”, where the Love of Jesus is not reflected! a church that does not act the WORD of GOD.! Yes we received Jesus ,yes, we get baptized, yes we have faith, yes we have”Grace” yes ,yes, yes!,but we don’t have love, we fight our own brother,we gossip about our sister,we don’t like the new ship, we don’t tide, we hate our brother when we see him or her. Jesus said” you are what you see” and beleiveme sometimes it takes just to see, the super “brother”walking in faith, but all full bitter ,non forgiving, and etc.
    What makes the difference is to at least try, try to be nicer,try to give others, try to forgive, try to know what God loves and what he hates, so at least you can understand who your God is!

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