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Bible Minute Daily Devotional Sixty seconds in God’s Word daily

Title: Man of Integrity – 1
Date: 2009-10-13

Tami Weissert: What does it take to be a person of integrity? Take a look at Job, with today’s Bible Minute.

Woodrow Kroll: Job here, first of all, it says he is blameless. It says he is upright. The word upright here is the word for straight. You put a ruler against something. If it’s straight, it’s upright. He is absolutely on the level, if you will.

Number three, he feared God. What does it mean to fear God? Fearing God is the quality of revering God in such a way that it’s going to show up in your life.

Finally, it says of him that he is a man who shunned evil. Proverbs 16:6 says, “In mercy and truth”–between fearing God and shunning evil–“in mercy and truth atonement is provided for iniquity, and by the fear of the Lord one departs from evil.”

Tami Weissert: So, do you want this kind of integrity? You can get it–with help from God’s Word, at> Receive the Bible Minute as a daily devotional email.
The Bible Minute daily devotional is provide courtesy of Back to the Bible.

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