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Dating Advice for Christian Men by Anne

Perhaps for every Christian man who lacks in the faculty of dating he might decide to go to a female for advice, since they are the ones who know how to be treated. The brother who is closer to a sister, or has a blood sister or a cousin they are close to might just give them the best advice you might be requiring to excel in your dating instances. Women are really endowed in this part of relationships since they have the right idea on the way they want to be wooed, courted, treated and wed. A closer female relative might give you the right feminine wisdom you might be after. Nonetheless, the man who cannot find himself with an advisor has no reason to despair. There is good quality advice you can find on books, the Internet, newspapers and magazine articles.For a young man, proper discernment is required since these sources of advice also have lethal advice. Appropriate and proper dating advice for the Christian man is geared towards showing true respect for and even understanding that a future partner within the relationship or marriage is not an unpaid servant or just a second class citizen. The Bible is categorical that a woman should submit to his husband, and equally important, there are those verses that do speak to the husband on how to handle their wives and most of the time they pass unnoticed by many people. For a young Christian man yet to find a wife, he is very much advised to look further yonder and familiarize himself with the passages.

For instance, immediately following the verse that instructs women to lay their submission to their husbands is the instruction that husbands should love their wives and not to be bitter about them in Colossians 3:19. The Christian woman who receives full love from man respects his God given role as the head of the house. In addition, the apostle Peter says that husbands should dwell with their wives ‘according to knowledge’ and give honor to the wife just as ‘unto the weaker vessel’ and as being together the takers of grace of life that their ‘prayers be not hindered’ (1 Peter 3:7). They might be verses written for husbands but since the young Christian men are also in the aspiration of becoming godly husbands it is relevant to them.

It is true that if a man depicts honor and love to his wife in the times of courtship, she can easily be confident that the behavior will undoubtedly take place throughout their marriage. The Biblical verses might be brief but they express the depth regarding the weighty marital relationships and dignity of the same, which can be applied in a way to the courtship. The verses and dating for the Christians are crucial because they focus on the appropriateness of the men and women who happen to be ‘heirs together’. They depict the way the relationships should be between men and women. It is a fact that Biblical advice is the one that might see us through in the line of relationships and dating, whether men or women.


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