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Christian Dating and Guilt by David Butler

Walking around with guilt as a single Christian can come from many different areas of our lives.Many Christians walk around with this heavy burden of guilt because they are allowing sexual impurity in their dating lives. I know I am speaking to some who are weary (hey, I’ve been there, done that) of all the double-mindedness, but can’t quite get up the strength to turn around. So they live with guilt like a millstone tied around their necks, and it’s chokng every bit of spiritual joy out their lives. Sound vaguely familiar?

Other takes on dealing with guilt in dating relationships include:

* Remaining in a relationship include remaining in a liaison that you know you should have never entered in the first place. For example, Dating an unbeliever and all that goes along with that.
* Remaining in a relationship for all the wrong reasons such as convenience or fear over how the other person may react to the news that you’re breaking up with them.

Dealing With the Guilt of Being Single

Much of this guilt is hoisted upon us by those misguided but well meaning friends, family and church members who insist on wanting to to know why we (The great catches that we are!) are still single after all these years.

Not a few singles have gotten quite pissed off at others for pointing out their continued single state. For this reason, many singles avoid church events that are flush with married couples, and holiday celebrations where the topic will most likely come up.

Dealing With Guilt as a Single Parent

In the US alone, there are 13 million single parents living with their children. Many of these are Christian single parents who deal with guilt in so many different areas of their lives:

* Guilt over getting a divorce or having a child out of wedlock
* Guilt over not being able to provide better for the children
* Guilt over even taking a few hours away from the children to go on a date. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. There are many other potential areas a single parent dating may be be tempted to feel guilty.

What should a single person do with these guilty feeling? We recommend two avenues: Pray to the Lord for deliverance from sin and any false guilt, and join a single group where you can honestly discuss your feeling with other singles going through similar circumstances. You will find doing these things will eleviate much of your guilt.

About the Author

David Butler, the author of this article, is a Christian minister to singles, and has a website, Christian Dating Service PLUS!, geared toward their dating and spiritual needs.

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